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Spencer Alexandra
I love Jesus
I wear my heart on my sleeve, and that is my weakness

Favorite Movies (in no particular order) 

↳ Spirited Away (2001) - “Once you meet someone, you never really forget them.”

(via steptorhythm)

I feel like a lot of the friendships I have built for years now don’t exist because I’m not the one putting in all the effort anymore . I am not able to go to indianapolis as much as I would like. Or even go to shows as much as I really want to. I feel like no one really cared in the first place. It really sucks/ hurts my feelings because I have always been the one to visit my friends even if it was more than an hour away, and yet I have had maybe less than a handful come hang out with me. Maybe I just need to become Instagram famous, get my entire body tattooed and have straight across bangs… Maybe I need to get really into hardcore again. Maybe I’m just not cool anymore… Not “hip” because I have responsibilities. Someone help me be cool again, thnx